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When my wife passed away I didn't need to move so I began renting out rooms for the neighborhood college students. I own a huge old Victorian house with five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and lots of space for the girls. I only lease to girls, they're less trouble than boys most of the time. Nowadays women wear almost nothing and flaunt their sex like that's all they have on the minds. It was from one of my tenants that I learned about Sex in Texas. Heather was late with her rent, again. She is able to manage to attend concerts with her friends, but has never paid her rent in time. We play a little game where I go to her room, she lets me in and prances around barely dressed for about half an hour giving me excuses and guaranteeing to have the cash by the end of the week. I don't mind too much because she always pays, and I get to peek at some young perky nipples. This month was nothing new. I knocked on Heather's door and she called for me to come in. Heather was in front of the mirror getting ready for the weekend. Well, Heather, what's the story this month? I asked, ready for the show. Heather was wearing a really skimpy white top, no bra, along with a mini skirt that seemed more like a wide belt. I spent my money on a computer. There is a really fine new iPad on her desk. I need it for my courses. And look at this, she click a few buttons. Up popped an image of Heather wearing even less than she had on now. What do you really think? It's for my web page, and my Sex in Texas advertisement. What webpage, what's Sex in Texas? Billy, a single guy like you should know about Sex in Texas! Then you'd be dating girls like me instead of just renting rooms for them. A woman my age needs plenty of consideration, and an older guy as you could fill those needs. Heather's eyes shut and she rubbed her breasts as if I wasn't there. "What about me filling those needs right now?" I asked quietly. Heather looked at me. She smiled. That would be great, she answered. And that's how I started having sex with my tenants. Almost all the girls are members of Sex in Texas, I send them emails, and they invite me upstairs!


Texas Unique Date Ideas

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Jody: passionate lust desire
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